Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010


It’s Sunday and I finally got round to posting something here. I’ve been reading through the blogs and there’s lots of interesting stuff here today – Shermeen,David Llewllyn, John Marshall, amongst others – and Petroc’s still away with the Faeries at the bottom of his garden. There’s such a lot to write about, I can’t make up my mind, so I thought I’d write a few of the things I believe in and let people take pot shots at them:

Don’t hurt other people* – and don’t let other people hurt other people.

Be good polite – good manners are the oil that keeps the wheels of civilization turning. Require that other people are as good mannered to you as you are to them. (If not, see * below)

Be open minded – but don’t be afraid to point out that something is nonsense. (For example, most of what our dear political leaders say – and don’t believe in fearies, angels, leprechauns, gods or other invisible, magic beings.)

Remember your opinions are just that – unless you can back them with credible, repeatable data or experiment. (All you agw/climate change whackos. I’m going to play a game of ‘Hansen says’, later in the week.)

Don’t make the mistake of believing that the other person is just like you, deep down they feel the same as you, and if you try hard enough you can reason with them. They’re not, they don’t and you can’t.

On the other hand, recognise that your prejudices sometimes keep you from seeing another point of view clearly.

On the gripping hand, multi-culturalism** is the slowest, most painful way for England to commit suicide.

All politicians are more interested in keeping themselves in power and preserving their priveleges than in delivering sound government and improving people’s lives.

The media will print or broadcast anything that generates a headline and increases circulation or audience numbers.

Ergo, don’t trust the media – find out the facts for yourself. Gods bless the internet, (if any of them exist and can be bothered.)

Man-made global warming is dangerous nonsense used by enviro-fascists to promote their anti-capitalist, andi – development and downright anti-human agenda.

‘Public service,’ bureacrats spend more time making sure they keep themselves in jobs, by inventing ever more arcane and frustrating rule, procedures – and subjects to make rules and procedures about, than doing their apparent job. (Play advisor, lesbian and gay outreach worker? 98 % of the jobs advertised in the Grauniad? All of the privileged mandarins in Brussels? Good grief.)

Learn to use the apostrophe properly and the difference between countable and uncountable nouns…it’s ‘many’ people, not ‘much’ people you illiterate TV news-reading oafs – and learn to read past the edges of the tele-prompter! (Except for the great Trevor Macdonald and others of his standing – you know who you are .)

……….and there’s more, but that should be enough to be going on with.

*……………Unless they need it – and if they do, make sure you finish the job

**……………as practised and preached in the UK.

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