Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Don’t call me a racist!

I intend to advance the proposition that there are too many Muslims in the United Kingdom. The proposition rests on three postulations.

1. The decision to permit unrestricted immigration of low-skilled, poorly educated immigrants from a culture that is entirely different from our own, sharing none, or almost none of the values of 20th century western society and with no forethought or preparation as to how these people were to be integrated into UK life was a huge mistake.

2. The mistake was compounded by the politically correct and completely mis-guided requirement that the indigenous people of this country should undergo a transformation of their own way of life in order to accomodate the incomers.

3. Political pusillanimity and short-term thinking, (must stay in power at all costs,) has prevented any solution that would limit the number of immigrants to a level that could be coped with, or that would limit the ghettoisation of our major cities with the effect that there are now significant areas of this country where antipathy to the general social norms is more common than not.

The result is the gradual and ongoing dhimmification of the indigenous population by politicians and over-zealous bureaucrats and lawyers, especially of the human rights breed, which leads to the social backlash exemplified by the rise in support for ‘extremist’ parties.

Conclusion. We need to impose strict limits on further immigration, apply the law equally to all secions of society, make Muslim citizens face up to their civil duties as well as enjoying their civil rights, and cease diluting our own principles in deference to a failed theory of multi-culturalism.

(If you read German, there is an interesting discussion of this subject in Der Spiegel entitled, ‘Mekka Deutschland, die stille Islamisierung.’)

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