Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Eco-fascist Politics. Be afraid!

Be very afraid! I was going to write about the IPCC, but this is more important. The AGW advocates show their true colours here: For the avoidance of doubt, I have not had time to read the full report – it’s 114 pages long – but the thrust is clear: a return to a life where most people are confined within walking distance of their homes; where the advances our civilisation has achieved to reach today’s position where most people live longer. happier and more productive lives than ever before in history are given up; where the old , the sick and the very young will die because of cold in winter, and disease through the rest of the year because medical aid and treatment is limited at best; where an army of snoopers will make sure that no-one is allowed to live their life in the way they wish – except, of course, the elite who are telling us what is best for us, and where we are taxed for any use of energy above the minimum required to sustain a miserable, brutish and short life. In short, we are to be reduced to the staus of serfs in mediaeval times.

The report relies on all the old, flawed and discredited sources. The ridiculous Stern report which wildly overstates the possible temperature rises, (which are based on flawed models – next post,) and produces extreme conclusions with no caveats – which the IPCC’s technical reports often contain, though they are excluded from the Summaries for Policymakers which get all the headlines. It aslo wildly underestimates costs – 1% of global GDP compared to a minimum of 5% in UN estimates. These examples should wet your interest – an ecellent critique, from which these examples are paraphrased, can be found here:

The report posits the replacement of conventional sources of energy by ‘sustainable’ energy. Windpower. newsflash. The wind doesn’t blow all the time – how inconvenient if the wind doesn’t blow at peak consumtion times. And how dangerous if a high-pressure zone persists over these islands for a few weeks in winter and there is no wind to speak of. Never mind that the real data shows that wind farms operate at a mximum efficiency of 35% ofinstalled capacity and that a study for Aon wind farms delivered the depressing news that their wind farms were operating at an average of 11% efficiency! Solar power. Average hours of sunlight per day across the UK vary from 1 hour in January/December to7 at the height of summer. Local weather severely effects the efficiency of solar photovoltaic modules anyway, (clouds, mist fog…in the UK?) and efficiency of these units in converting sunlight to electricity is currently around 10/11%, probably rising to 20% in the near future.

I could go on, but go read the report yourself and form your own conclusion. The AGW advocacy/Green agenda is not scientific, but political – with all the trappings of a fundamentalist religion, including the suppression of dissent. Eco-fascist

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