Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Eco-fascists, the Future

More on the zerocarbonbritain report. I’ve had another quick skim through and this gives the flavour.

Private vehicles will become more expensive to run……………air travel is expected to decline dramatically………………. Domestic air travel may be limited to emergency use, while international flights will have to pay their full carbon costs through the system of carbon quota, severely reducing demand. Translation: back to the dark ages when most people didn’t travel more than a day’s walk from home.

The new ‘carbon economics’ will raise the cost of both petroleum based agrochemicals and the transport of produce.……….., the strategy envisages a largely organic agricultural system…..a large reduction in livestock, probably by 60% or more……….. less meat and dairy produce (and also less fish)………. quantities of grains and flours, legumes, nuts, fruit and vegetables, dried goods and plant-based oils will rise relative to meat, fish and dairy products. While any imaginable diet will still be available at a price, the changing costs will be marked enough to shift average eating habits if not actual preferences. Translation: We will all be forced to become vegetarians.

The report admits that, “Wealth and prosperity, measured in financial terms, are closely related to energy consumption” and goes on to say that “the energy-poor can be seen as living on the credit side of the environmental damage balance-sheet, while the energy-rich lie on the debit side. What is proposed in this report is a mechanism through which their contributions and costs are properly accounted for and brought into balance. Contraction and Convergence……….. convergence reduces the carbon shares of the rich, high-emitting countries until they converge with the (temporarily rising) shares of poorer, low-emitting countries.” Translation: (Note that casual ‘temporarily rising’) Our standard of living will be reduced to third world levels.

Tradable Energy Quotas1…. TEQs would be supported by clear government strategy for changes in national infrastructure provisions such as transport, and by supplementary legislation on specific domestic and private sector issues. Translation: You will be told what you can spend your money on and what you can’t. (But it won’t matter, because you won’t have any anyway.)

Power Down is about each of us learning to make the right choices in order to secure the services we derive from energy………..mandatory energy efficiency improvement…………. More building inspectors must be trained in order to ensure that these regulations can be effectively enforced………… 10% saving in heating every 4 years, plus 5% in hot water and electricity. These result from progressive modification in user behaviour. Translation: ….and when we’ve told you what you can spend your money on, we’ll employ an army of snoopers to make sure you do as you’re told.
Finally, let’s have a quick look at the pie in the sky energy scenarios they advance.
“Wind will provide the greatest proportion of electrical energy in the scenario, at around 50% of total supply (before transmission losses)”……….let’s do some numbers:

To replace the output of a large, 2000 MW conventional power station it would require at least 3000 2.0 MW wind turbines spread over 750 km2 of countryside. Total Energy Demand for the UK 205gw (this was in 1998 it’s more now) 50% of that = 102.5 gw (1 gw=1000 mw ) 1gw requires 500 wind turbines, so 102.5 gw = 51,250 turbines.

Land required for 51,250 turbines = (51,250/3000) = 50.4*750 sq km = 37,800 sq km
The land area of Greater London is about 33 Square Kilometres so, we need 1,145 new ‘Londons.’ (None of this takes account of the extra capacity required to make good those casually mentioned ‘transmission losses, or the land taken up by the extra miles of pylons needed to ‘balance’ demand caused by fluctuating wind conditions across the country.)

So, there you have it. Let’s wind the clock back to the middle ages and live out our nasty, brutish and short lives at the whim of our rulers. (Who will, of course, not be subject to the same privations as the rest of us you do know that the smoking in public places rules do not apply to the Houses of Parliament, don’t you?)

I’m going to shut up for a couple of days now, somebody else can ‘do’ the IPCC – Bluejohn?

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