Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010


meant to write a lighter post this week, but while I was ‘wilfing’ the other day, I found this:

According to the NSIDC database of 60,000 of the world’s 160,000 glaciers (numbers do not equal 100% due to rounding):
62.5% of the world’s glaciers are uncategorized.
23.8% of the world’s glaciers are unknown as to status.
6.3% of the world’s glaciers are stationary or surging.
5.6% of the world’s glaciers are receding.
1.2% of the world’s glaciers are advancing.
A check of the mass of glaciers nearest the poles from that list shows about an overall 10 meter mass gain.
Overall, glacier mass numbers for Antartica, Austria, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland from 2003/2004 to 2004/2005 in mm w.e. were up 10.25 meters. ( 9 if you include the US glacier that seems to be the only one in Alaska)
Where were the mass losses? They’re huge if you include Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Spain and the US. But look further………

For example, Nigardsbreen (Norway) gained over 1 meter and is at 1.1 from historic, while Charquini sur (Bolivia) lost 1 meter and is -2.4 under historic levels.

Beware of cherry-picked statistics and data – especially when you’re reading anything published by Gore, Hanson or Mann.

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