Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

I’d vote for this

Governance of the United Kingdom: Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs to be removed from the Westminster Parliament. The Westminster Parliament to be responsible and accountable for the governance of England alone. Necessary powers to be repatriated to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Parliaments. Cabinet members from the four Parliaments to meet in Westminster for the last calendar week of each month to manage affairs of the Union mainly defence and foreign policy, though the four national parliaments may agree to implement common policies as they decide.

Selection of MPs: Must have worked for at least 10 years in trade, commerce or industry, or have served for a similar length of time in the armed forces or other uniformed organisations, (police, fire service, customs or coastguard services, ambulance service or medical practitioners but not administrators.)
Parliamentary terms. MPs to be limited to two terms in the parliament. The two terms may be served consecutively, or be separated.

Mid term elections to be held for one half of all constituencies at the half-way point of a parliamentary term. General elections for all constituencies to be held every five years on set dates.

Funding for political parties will be allowed only from membership contributions from party members: no donations, loans, gifts or taxpayers’ money are to be provided.

Remuneration. MPs should be well paid. An independent pay and allowances board should recommend pay rates based on an average taken from rates paid to Executive directors of the top 100 UK companies. Ministers’ and the Prime Minister’s pay should attract increments. Pensions and other allowances will be based on current commercial practice.

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