Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Non Credo

Since the last post generated a few interesting responses, I thought I’d try some of the things I don’t believe in……….

Gods, and other assorted supernatural beings* – especially as interpreted by priests, mullahs and grand ramamjams of all stripes………… ‘This is what God says….whaddya mean, how do I know, because it spoke to me, that’s how, and anyway, it’s written in this holy book. Oh Yeah, by whom? And this all-powerful and all encompassing being is really worried about whether I wear a beard/dress in a black sack, or not, or say hail mary 15 times, go to church on Sunday or not, run round a holly bush widdershins13 times on midsummer’s eve, eat pork/beef/oysters when there isn’r an r in the month…….please!

The United Nations. …………..We’re going to send peacekeepers to save the people of Darfur, erm, only they can’t actually fight the terrorists ot take their guns away. Meanwhile, we’re going to give Libya the chair of the human rights thingie, and, oh yes, we’re going to put Zimbabwe in charge of sustainable development – you couldn’t make this stuff up, could you?

The IPCC, ………..the famous 4th TAR that you all think the media have ecstasised over at such length is, in fact, only the summary for policy makers….and is it written by scientists? Of course……….NOT, it is written by a committee of bureacrats. You might not know that the publication of the 4th TAR was delayed until they could make the science agree with the summary…..check it out for yourselves.

Man-made global warming. I do believe the planet is warming, has been since the end of the little ice age, about 0.6 degrees C over the whole of the 20th century….see my other posts.

Salt intake is linked to hypertension and all the other health nonsense based wholly on data dredges and really bad epidemiological practice..visit for a short course in statistical malpractice.

Sociology. Voodoo science where people spend millions of pounds on studies that show that drunk men behave worse than when they are sober.

Cats. They are not real animals, they are creatures form another planet who domesticated human beings thousands of years ago – the whole of western civilisation was developed solely to produce the conditions necessary to create tinned cat food.

…………..that should be enough for now……….

* Except Dragons.

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