Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

One of my Heroes

One of my personal heroes* is a muslim.  His name was Muhammad Anwar Al Sadat, the Third President of Egypt.  He changed Egypt’s direction by reinstituting the multi-party system. His leadership in the October War of 1973 in which an Egyptian Army purged of its Soviet advisors and their dominance, regained Egypt’s national pride and, although a military defeat, achieved his Clauzewitzian objectives leading  to the regaining of the Sinai Peninsula for Egypt and an eventual Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

The inspirational demonstration of moral courage which sealed my admiration of his man was the simple act of taking a flight on an aeroplane.  Perhaps not quite so simple. The destination of the flight was, of course, Tel Aviv.  Peace with Israel followed and has lasted for thirty-five years.

Of course, no other Arab, or muslim, leader had, or has since had a similar quality.  What they could not emulate, envy made them destroy and he was Assassinated on the 6th October 1981.  The Arab and muslim world has been a poorer place without him.

*For want of a better word.  Not quite a role model, but someone who set an example that I might strive to emulate.

** With the possible exception of King Hussein of Jordan

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