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Political manifesto 2

More policy areas:

Home Affairs.

Policing. We will recognise that Police Forces are the representatives of society charged, through the office of Constable, with the enforcement of the rules that we, collectively, establish to order our communities.  Constables will not be armed, but it will be recognised that any attack on Constables – or others serving in those organisations which are established for the good of all; medical and ambulance services, fire services, customs and excise services etc, is an attack on all and merits severe penalty.  Carriage of weapons in the commission of a crime will be regarded as intent to use such and will attract extra penalty over and above any penalty imposed for the commission of a crime.  The office of Shire Reeve will be re-established in all Police Authority areas and will be responsible for the operation of Police Forces in line with the expressed wishes of the public.  Shire Reeves will be elected and will serve for terms of not more than five years.  No one person will be allowed to serve more than two terms in the office.  Police Complaints Authorities will be abolished.  An office of public advocacy , independant of all National and Local government,will be established to receive and examine any complaints against the Police.  Public Advocates will be elected on similar terms to Shire Reeves.  Juries will be empanelled by Public Advocates to examine complaints.

Justice and the Law.  Administration of justice will be returned to local control.  The Law will be distanced from the control of legal practitioners.  In jury trials, juries will be empowered to decide if a legal technicality does or does not affect the just progression of a trial for either accused or prosecutor, and will be entitled to hear, or not to hear, evidence contingent upon any such technicality.  Juries will be empowered to approve, or return for re-consideration, sentences passed upon those convicted of crime.

Human Rights.  We will recognise that Citizens rights are a product of social agreement, and not some universal natural law.  The Human Rights Act will be repealled, as will most Health and Safety legislation, recognising that accidents will happen either by natural cause or human folly, except the legislation pertaining to industrial practice and to general harm to the public by neglect.

Local Government.  Local politics will be returned to local control.  Funding for political parties will be allowed only from membership contributions from those party members who are registered in the local authority area.  The party publishing this manifesto will select and offer to electorates only candidates who have worked for at least 10 years in trade, commerce or industry, or have served for a similar length of time in the armed forces or other uniformed organisations, (police, fire service, customs or coastguard services, ambulance service or medical practitioners but not administrators.) We will recommend that this becomes the general practice.  Local government work forces will be greatly reduced and the remit of local authorities re-focussed on practical services to citizens, eg transport, communications, information services such as libraries and other knowledge stores, sports and recreational facilities, practical services for the disadvantaged, the young and the old.

National Government.  Candidates for election to the Parliament are to be selected using the same criteria as for local government.  Parliamentary terms for Members of Parliament will be limited to two consecutive terms.  The public will be empowered to comment directly on the current performance of the Government by the introduction of mid term elections for one half of all the constituencies represented in the Parliament , to be held in alternate parliamentary terms.

Energy and the Environment.  We recognise that access to, and personal control of, sufficient amounts of energy is the mark of advancing civilisation.  Cheap and copious supplies of energy will be enabled by the construction of sufficient Nuclear, gas and clean coal powered electricity generating capacity to ensure that all subjects of the Crown are able to pursue the lifestyle they choose.  Capital grants or other incentives will be provided for the construction of such facilities. Research into space-based solar power collection will be intensified and accelerated.  The aim of this policy is to make the United Kingdom energy independant.

Care of the environment will be returned to local control.  The office and department of the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government will be abolished.  Specialist scientific juries will be empanelled to advise the Government on pressing science and technology matters.  Research will be funded not by grant, but by the establishment of lucrative prizes for demonstrated, practical and repeatable solutions to problems set by the Government as may be required.

And that’s about enough for one blog.  More to come.

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