Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Political Manifesto 3

Final Part  🙂

Foreign Affairs:  We will endeavour to build, or preserve, friendly relations with all Nations based on the principle that the extension of goodwill will be met with goodwill.  We will not allow the interests of this country to be compromised by political expediency.  We will speak out against injustice and oppression without fear or favour.  We will reconsider this country’s relationship with the United Nations and withdraw participation in, and funding for, the ephemeral activities of that body such as the IPCC and the Human Rights and Anti-colonial organisations.  We will defend the interests of this country with vigour and we will leave those who would harm those interests, or any of her Majesty’s subjects, in no doubt that this country can be their best friend, or their worst enemy.

Immigration.  We will impose an immediate halt to all immigration to this country.  Note that this policy cannot and does not apply to free movement of EU citizens, except where certain caveats are already in place – we shall examine those caveats and renew or strengthen them as may be deemed appropriate – we do not believe that some of the newer member States of the EU have actually met the requirements for entry into the EU and that unrestricted immigration by citizens of those countries increases the risk of crime and corruption in Her Majesty’s realm to the detriment of us all.

We will strengthen Her Majesty’s Coastguard and give them a further remit to defend our borders against illegal immigration.  In accordance with current EU directives, any person apprehended in the act of entering this country illegally from another EU State will be returned to their point of departure in the first EU state where they made landfall.  Illegal immigrants from countries other than the EU will be returned to their point of departure, except for those whose prominence in the public life of countries where the rule of law is not considered to be of the standard required by common justice means that they may suffer from persecution, who may, at the discretion of Her Majesty, be allowed the privilege of remaining in this country.  Decision on whether an individual is allowed to remain, or not, will be taken by Juries empanelled by the Public Advocate of the local authority where the illegal immigrant makes landfall.

Immigrants to this country will not be given full rights of citizenship until they have; lived here for a continuous period of seven years, demonstrated that they have worked and properly paid taxes and social contributions according to current regulations, and have a sufficient command of the English language.  All public funding of translation services for those who cannot speak English will cease.  Immigrants will, of course, be entitled to the same medical and education services as every other citizen, and to a reduced level of other social support.  A task force will be established to seek out those who are currently living illegally in this country.  Those living here illegally will be arrested and returned to their country of origin, unless there are overwhelmingly compassionate reasons to allow them to remain.  All such cases will be decided by juries empanelled by the local Public Advocate and the decision of the juries will be final in each case.

Unaccompanied minors will not be permitted to stay in this country, but will be returned to their country of origin.

Defence.  A full review of the defence requirements of this country will be undertaken.  The object of the review will be to make an objective decision on the size and composition of the Armed Forces in light of the review, and to ensure that the Armed forces are properly equipped, trained and supported to perform the roles required.  Without prejudice to the outcome of the review, it is expected that:  the strength of the Army will need to be increased by at least one division, with the capability for rapid deployment to any part of the world in the strength needed to overcome opposition to its landing.  It is also expected that the Royal Navy will need extra funding.  The independance of the Royal Air Force will disappear:  the Fleet Air Arm will be re-established and the role of the Army Air Corps will expand to include all support to ground operations and offensive air operations.

Immediate steps will be taken to re-establish joint hospital and medical services for the Armed Forces, and urgent steps taken to improve accommodation and remuneration for all ranks.  The Regimental system for the Army will be reconstituted, with due attention to inter-Regimental mobility to enable proper manning and to enhance Soldiers’ career mobility.

Of course, there’s more – but that about covers the high points, I think 🙂

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