Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Political manifesto

I would really like to see a new party with a manifesto that says:

We will ignore party politics and political theory and concentrate on practical government.

We will pass legislation that prohibits any financing of political parties except by membership contributions

We will admit that we will be unable to reduce taxes in the first two to three years of our Government. By years four and five we hope to enable deep cuts in taxes on income and indirect taxation by;

* Cutting the numbers of civil servants by eighty per cent. We will achieve this by reducing the number of areas in public life where government intervenes. We will, for example, abolish all quangoes in line with our belief that the government should do nothing that can be achieved by citizens in free association.
* Re-focussing government expenditure on those areas where direct services are provided to citizens – details below.

Policy areas.

Governance. We will abolish Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish constituencies for the election of MPs to the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The local legislators of Wales and Northern Ireland will be given the same powers as that of Scotland. Other legislative powers will be returned to the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by their request. Westminster will become the seat of government for England. In one calendar week of each month, Members of the respective Legislatures of the Union will convene at Westminster to debate and legislate on matters concernng the whole Union.

We will withdraw from all EU policies except trade, education and free movement of people; goods and capital. We will, therefore, withdraw all United Kingdom members of the European Parliament.

Health. We will abolish all central health boards, authorities and other aspects of the health bureaucracy. Hospitals and other medical services will be de-coupled from national organisations and become self-governing. Medical attention will remain free at the point of delivery, funded from general taxation. The range of treatments to be funded will concentrate on disease, injury, young people’s health, (to age 18,) and old age health, (after age 65 for both men and women.) Elective cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment and other non-life threatening conditions will not be funded. Elective cosmetic surgery clearly does not apply to after – accident treatment, or treatment for congenital dis-figuration. A para-medical service with widely distributed local accident/emergency clinics will be established to treat minor conditions. Para-medical staff will be trained to the standard of nurse practitioner with extra training in emergency life-preservation techniques.

Education. All education authorities will be abolished. All schools will become self-governing. parents wil be provided with education vouchers, funded out of general taxation, to be used at the school of their choice. In line with the Christian tradition of this country, Vouchers will not be eligible for schools managed by religious faiths other than Christian churches. Standards will be set for pupils at ages 11. 13. 16, and school leaving in a common curriculum: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography. Schools which fail to meet these minimum standards will be penalised. The standards will be set by bodies other than any of those dealing with education. Tertiary education will also be free and funded from direct taxation, but for the subjects above and other practical subjects, (eg. engineering subjects, agriculture, medicine, law) only. Technical colleges will be established to train technicians and apprentices at sub-university level.

And there’s much more, but this blog is getting to long – anybody interested in seeing the rest of it? btw, this is all out of my head, it’s what I would like to see, and, as far as I know, does not reflect official policy of any current party.

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