Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

The Law is an Ass

We are told in today’s newspaper that ‘the Border and Immigration Agency, an executive agency of the Home Office, has ignored the Prime Minister’s edict and told prison chiefs it has “no interest” in deporting foreign national prisoners serving less than a year’  – ‘because of the amount of time and money it has to spend processing the cases.’

We are also told that three prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay are ‘Britain’s responsibility’ because they happened to be resident here at some time – never mind that they are all foreign nationals.

Meanwhile, we are also told that motorists re to be sentenced to up to two years in prison for using a mobile phone while driving.

Talk on your mobile phone, get two years.  Commit an assault and get a community service order.  Come to Britain, commit a crime and be rewarded with residence and welfare………..

Is it me, or is there something amiss here?

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