Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

The Meaning of Life

1. An incredibly complicated way to produce worm food.

2. To help others.

3. To do what you’re told by a mythical deity – as interpreted by Old White guys, or old men with beards, depending on the flavour of superstition.

No. 3 strikes me as ridiculous an no. 2 invites the question, ‘Then, what are the others here for?’  So, I’ll go for no. 1.

The question then is, ‘What do we do in the meantime?’  ‘Getting,’ is first on the list.  We must sustain ourselves, but after that?  My way is to learn something new each year – not the everyday stuff that we pick up in our daily round, but something that takes effort.  For me, every couple of years it’s a new language, as I move around a lot. But, in the past, I have learned to knit, taken singing lessons, climbed a mountain, (Why?  I have no idea – daft thing to do!) tried scuba diving – something that I have to put effort into.
I connect with my family and friends – thanks to the wonders of modern technology you don’t have to live right next door to do this nowadays.  I do give to others, I sponsor children in four different
countries through the Worldvision programme, and I’m in support groups for orphanages in China and Thailand.  Next year I’m going to take dance classes, (inspired by my role as an ugly sister in a production of Cinderella this Christmas.)  I fill my day with music, whatever I’m doing, (except driving!)

The inspiration for this blog was the report by the Foresight think tank which involved 400 people – and how much taxpayers; cash – to come up with much the same formula.  Isn’t sociology wonderful.

On the whole I’m happy in my skin and content with my life, and I am conscious that I live my life the way I want to because I live in a developed society where technological advance produces the surpluses that make it possible for me to do so.  This leads to the belief that the best thing we could do for poorer countries is help them to produce energy.  With enough energy you can do anything, so, forget all this sustainable development* nonsense; give the people power then stand back and watch what they can do!

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