Posted by: bravo22c | 27/03/2010


A piece in the Times today notes that our schoolboy foreign secretary is waxing wroth over the supposed use of forged British Passports by Israel’s Mossad. (Nothing about the proven use of forged British Passports by criminal wannabe terrorists, it is noted.) ‘Supposed,’ because there is as yet not one shred of evidence linking the Israeli foreign intelligence service to the attack in Dubai. (And, please, not a word about the fact that the passports were all forged documents of people with British citizenship living in Israel. For the sum of 250 Euros and the price of a First Class air ticket and two or three nights in a 4 star hotel – I’m not greedy – in Bucharest or Sofia, I can get you a passport in the name of a British Citizen living just about anywhere in the World you like.) Anyhoo, all that aside, there’s more.

The article goes on to discuss whether or not targetting terrorist leaders can be regarded as moral or not:

Quote: ‘State-backed assassination — the extrajudicial killing of an enemy outside a war zone — has long been regarded as illegal and immoral.’

It could be said, however, that, in operations of war, all Armies devote an inordinate amount of time and resource to finding and destroying enemy command centres and commanders. There is a case to be argued that international terrorist organisations have defined the bounds of their war zone to be worldwide, and striking wherever the whim takes them, London, Madrid, New York, Dubai, Mumbai…

There is also a common suggestion that political leaders would not be so keen on starting wars if they had to expose their own shrinking bodies to the dangers into which they send their soldiers – in which case, knowing that their own Rses are on the line ought to concentrate minds on exactly what they are doing, i would have thought.

However, there’s the debate; kill the brains behind the murderers, or concentrate on the misguided individuals who are doing their bidding?

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