Posted by: bravo22c | 27/03/2010

Market Forces

I felt this little post was needed to explain a point in my next post. My current contract is with a tobacco company. Shock. Horror. In the headquarters, where I have my office, there are lounges on each floor where employees can go, drink coffee, socialise and do the business that often gets done better informally than in the formal business process. On each floor, one lounge is a smoking lounge and one is non-smoking. Employees therefore have the choice and do choose, without any interference from authority, whether to drink their coffee with smokers, or without.

As a matter of interest, the proportion of smokers and non-smokers in the company reflects the proportion in the general population – I have found this to be generally the case in all of the places I have worked with the company, E/W Europe, the States, S. America and Asia.

I have no objection to bans on smoking where appropriate – I do not smoke in my own house, for example – what I do object to is the compulsory nature of blanket bans on smoking in places which you can choose to enter, or not – pubs, clubs, restaurants and so forth. (I do not include public buildings or public transport.) The community I work in shows that it is quite possible, and reasonable, for people to make their own choices without the imposition of centralised controls and the bureaucracy of rules, regulations and intrusive inspectorates that such controls entail.

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