Posted by: bravo22c | 27/03/2010


There are many ways to commit suicide. The suicide I’m talking about here is of two particular flavours, industrial and economic, though they are, of course, connected.

The dinosaurs who run the Unite union have called a strike that they cannot win and the effects of which can only damage the company that employs the workers they have fooled into withdrawing their labour. BA is no more exempt from the pressures placed on businesses by the current economic conditions than any other business. Workers in all business sectors are faced with cutbacks in the companies they work for as they struggle to keep afloat, whether it be short time working, unpaid holiday – temporary lay-offs, or outright job losses. BA is no different – and it seems to have entirely escaped the notice of the union bureaucrats that there are 90 -odd other airlines flying out of Heathrow and that travellers who might have flown BA are taking their custom elsewhere, my daughter being a case in point. The only effect the strike will have is to further reduce the circumstances of the union members, and the other workers who will suffer the knock-on effects.

Meanwhile, we have David Cameron and Zanulabour lite signing up to the suicide of what remains of British industry with their talk of huge investments in inefficient, expensive wind-power, (every watt of which, it should be pointed out, needs to be backed by conventionally-generated power kept at ‘spinning reserve,’ the most inefficient running mode of all,) which will lead to higher energy costs and further reduce the competitiveness of British industry compared with Chinese and Indian industries.

It is not inapt to point out that, according to government figures, in the last quarter for which numbers are available, 60 -odd K jobs were lost in the private, that is, productive sector of the economy, and 20 – odd K generated in the public, that is, the leech sector. It does not take an Andrew Wiles to work out that this kind of economy is not sustainable.

Suicide, there are many different kinds.

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