Posted by: bravo22c | 29/03/2010

Deja Vu all over again.

As you might imagine, I’m a little busy here this morning. The bombs on the Metro have caused 30+ reported deaths and another 40 injured so far but reports are still coming in. Responsibility has been claimed by a muslim separatist group from Chechnya – though they are most active currently in Dagestan where there have been 19 terrorist attacks so far this year. It is the same group which claimed responsibility for the attack on the Moscow – St Petersburg express in November. The attacks were made on the busiest line on the Moscow Metro, one on an interchange in the suburbs, Park Kulturyi, and one on a very busy interchange in the centre right underneath the HQ of the Federal Security Bureau, successor to the Soviet KGB. The attacks were timed for maximum effect at the peak of the rush hour. I was fortunate that I left for work before the explosions occurred – the one in the centre being about half a mile from where I live and the second one being next to the road i travel every morning to get to the office and about a half-mile away, again. The metro is still running, but getting into the centre is a nightmare and traffic is almost grid-locked. Al Jazeera is carrying the best reports – you may find these links interesting. PS. The blog title refers to personal experience. N. Ireland, Germany, London, Serbia and now Moscow. One moment people are going about their everyday business, the next they are lying in the rubble and chaos shocked, stunned and bleeding – or worse, in little red, wet gobbets spread around the scene. And you wonder why I go on about terrorists. Ask yourself this, where does the money come from to finance these groups.

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