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White Guilt

On a recent post, my attention was caught by this:

why we may have more of a problem with assimilation than younger democracies.

and this:

with goodwill and determination on both sides

These quotes raise a number of questions. What is this ‘problem with assimilation? Historically the United Kingdom, more specifically, England, has ‘assimilated’ immigrants from all sorts of cultures. When groups of people have been at need, the UK has opened its doors, if not entirely its arms, and invited them in – the last such (large) group I can think of being the Ugandan Asians chucked out by Idi Amin. That group of people ‘assimilated’ without too much trouble – yes, some of them suffered discrimination in some cases, but they sucked it up and got on with it.

Let us examine the proposition that the problems with assimilation are not lack of goodwill amongst the indigenes, but a clearly undeveloped sense of cultural tolerance and understanding among the incomers – the normal incomers that is, not the religious fascists amongst them.

Why should the hosts be assumed to require both goodwill and determination? If you go to live in a foreign country, the onus is on you to accomodate yourself to the home culture, not the other way around. Why should I be determined to offer goodwill to someone whose ideas and culture is inimical to my own? (I am assuming that the immigrants referred to here are muslims, simply because there seem to be bees in bonnets about muslim immigrants, such is the regularity of posts on the subject.)

The first problem with assimilation lies with the incomers, not the assimilators. The incomers have come here because they wish for a better life, and yet the first thing they do when they get here is try to recreate the very conditions from which they have fled; superstition, oppression and separation – apartheid was anathema when paractised by white South Africans, but it seems that it is only a matter of, shall we say, cultural preference when practised by those who are neither, (necessarily,) white nor South African. The second problem is sheer numbers. Two million or so incomers in a short space of time. Add to that the fact that normal muslims insist on discriminatory practices that are illegal for the other 97% of the population – do I need to list them?* – and that that 97%, should it protest, are accused of racism or worse. What price determined goodwill under such circumstances. And, btw, why is it preached to me that I practice determination to assimilate those who do not wish to be assimilated, and that I must bear goodwill towards those who demonstrate little of it toward me?

There is much more, but this is getting too long as it is. White guilt is thrust upon the innocent by those for whom it is a shopworn and outdated mantle of ‘right’ thinking. Immigrants have, in large numbers resorted to anger, (in some,) pressure, and intimidation to stigmatize the indigenous society, aided and abetted by right-thinking, so-called ‘liberals, into a debilitating sense of guilt for the wrongs of being a successful society** in order to win concessions of monetary, cultural and social compensation at the expense of the indigenes. It worked. Both sides got what they wanted. The immigrants concessions way beyond anything rightly to be expected – try immigrating to Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan – and the right-thinking liberals an acceptance by the bureaucracy that the indigenes must be dragooned into acting in the way that ‘right-thinking’ people should. But this Faustian bargain is at the expense, for many muslims, of real self-development and self-reliance , walling them into self-imposed ghettos where they suffer a worsening of the social problems that people are prone to when they begin to blame others for their problems on top of those imported with them.

The solution is quite simple: assimilate. If you do not wish to assimilate, this remains a free country and there are around six-hundred and fifty flights leaving Heathrow every day of the year. Feel entirely free to board any one of them for a destination you feel might be more congenial to you. In more simple terms, FIFO.

*The discriminatory practices that is, not 60 -odd million people!

** With all its faults – why else the undignified scramble to get through the doors?

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