Posted by: bravo22c | 28/06/2010

Whacko of the Week (2)

I know it’s unsporting to shoot a sitting bird, but this has to qualify for a Whacko award. Step into the limelight the Nut from the NUT* who said, regarding the possible establishment of a Primary School by Cambridge University:

“If the school was run by the university’s department of education, surely they should be sharing their knowledge with all schools?

“I reckon they would not be able to resist offering places to university lecturers – we could end up with a selective catchment.

“The local education authority should deliver equality of provision in a coordinated way, and we think having a patchwork of providers is going to damage that.”

The spokesman** failed to consider that Local Education Authorities are already acting is a patchwork of providers and are nowhere near delivering equality of provision – postcode lotteries? Actual places lotteries?

Simple solution. Make all schools independent. Give parents vouchers. Shut down all of the LEA’s. Save money and improve schools at one and the same time.


* An apt name, some would say. Oh, alright then, I would say.

** Yes, I know, but let’s not do the PC mangle-the-language thing.

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