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The Denationalisation of England – some Illustrations.

I was going to add this as a comment on my last blog, but it’s too long. Especially for Ms. Holier-than-thou.

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Councils use anti-terror powers to check for dog collars
Councils have used anti-terrorism laws to try to catch people donating goods outside charity shops and to make sure dogs are wearing collars.

How local councils use anti-terror laws to spy on ordinary people

heraldscotland staff

>In 1976–80 there was a net inflow of 37,200 foreign citizens
per annum; by 1996–2000 this had increased to anet inflow of 110,200 per annum.
Immigration increased particularly rapidly during the 1990s, and it is responsible
for about half of the population growth during that decade. Recently, reforms to
UK immigration policy have sought to make immigration easier for certain groups
and there is active consideration of future policy initiatives.<

>Net immigration into London from abroad tends to displace some existing
residents, who move out into other parts of the Greater South East –
though the short-run effect is nearer to ‘one for two’ than ‘one for one.’
This substantially reduces the impact of immigration on London population
growth, while probably intensifying that on the population mix.An effect of the concentration of migrants in the worst paid segment of
the labour market has been a significant downward pressure on wages at
the bottom end of the market. This seems to have encouraged job
growth in these occupations, but earnings among workers in this sector
have suffered, falling behind growth in the cost of living. At the same time
the gap between earnings levels for this group in London and those in the
rest of the UK has been substantially eroded.The majority of migrants use relatively fewer public services than
indigenous households – and are therefore less costly to the public purse.
There are, however, additional pressures from the diverse needs of
migrants, and the claims of those in the weakest situation. The costs of
housing, translation services, health provision, schools and social security
have increased as a result of the additional needs of some new
migrants to London.As a new Guardian/ICM survey reveals startling gaps in the cultural knowledge of young British adults, we take a serious look at changing British society and the culture it produces.Young 18- to 24-year-old adults are measurably “dumber” than older age groups, evidence in a special ICM survey for the Guardian indicates.The angry old men of the dumbing down debate have been deskilled and disempowered by the feminisation of culture. < Worth reading to see how the dumbing down is effected.

And a nice, and balanced, comment here:


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