Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

Carbon Dioxide is not a Pollutant

I’m fed up.  Fed up with writing the words I’ve used as the title of this blog.   Once more with feeling:  CO2 is a vital part of the carbon cycle and all life on Earth depends on it.   There have been times when the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has been much greater than now – including times when the Earth was in the grip of an ice age, and also just before the natural climate cycle.  Here’s something to think about:

The most reliable global, regional and local temperature records from around the world display no distinguishable trend up or down over the past century.

The last peak temperatures were around 1940 and 1998, with troughs of low temperature around 1910 and 1970.

In 1970 we had the doomsters telling us that we were all going to die because of the ‘ice-blitz’ – an instant ice age.

The last ice age came to an end somewhere around  20,000 years ago. We are living in an inter-glacial period – the benign climate we are experiencing at the moment is wht has made our civilaization possible.  This benign climate will not last.

There has been a cooling trend globally since 1998 – how does this square with the AGW advocates theories?

We have coped with the vagaries of natural climet change before – the Romans grew grapes in York and  Nordic settlers farmed lowland Greenland (hence its name) in the warming temperatures before they were wiped out by the Little Ice Age that only started to wane around 1850, giving rise to the current warm period that we are happy to live in.

Despite that hypocritical poser Al Gore’s protestations polar bears are heading for extinction there is good evidence that there are now twice as many of these animals, than there were 20 years ago?  From the same source we learn that malaria will spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere,  thanks to rising temperatures.  Newsflash: this mosquito borne disease was a main killer of people throughout the Little Ice Age in Britain and northern Russia.

This post is meant to set the style – I’ll be back with some hard numbers.  I also intend to post on politics and why we need a new Glorious Revolution.

Now I’ll wait for the eco-fascists to comment on what I’ve written here.  I anticipate plenty of ad hominem attack and invective and lots of ‘ignoring the data, what about….’  followed by hair-splitting detail on religious, rather than scientific grounds about the evils of technology and of the ‘great polluter’ *in particular …………..

*Read eco-fascists’ denunciation of the USA on grounds of pollution, and then read muslim fanatics denunciatons of the ‘great satan’  Try doing a word search/replace between the two phrases and see if you can tell which is which afterwards.


  1. Bravo,
    I have been trying to post a new theory about climatechange,which basically says that climate change is benign and also gives a method to show what future tenperatures will be. I would appreciate being able to discuss and prove this theory

    extracts below

    I intend to call the pre-Halocene configuration of the engine the Simple Atmospheric
    Astable Thermal Amplifier and show that its amplitude *T is constrained by the GC and the action of a feedback mechanism.
    The force acting on this amplifier is total Insolation as described by various considerations of the Milankovich cycle.
    The feedback mechanism is atmospheric carbon dioxide and the action of this feedback
    mechanism is the constrainer of the amplitude.

    The major output of this model is the value *T which can be empirically derived from both the vostok graph and the 65Myr climate change graph.

    I intend to give new insights into the realms of climatology, paleoclimatology and
    Milankovich cycles. In doing so I will draw down on my knowledge of simple electronic circuits and empirical evidence available in published data namely

    1. 420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok research station
    2. 65 Myr of Climate Change
    3. Greenland ice core data from the Holocene

    The theory states that the earth can be modelled as a Thermal Amplifier, and that C02 is the principle feedback mechanism,
    Part of the theoretical proof is that at the termination of the last ICE AGE humans took over control of the Carbon cycle, and that the Younger Dryas is the failed rump of what should be the current ICE AGE.

    • My apologies for taking so long to reply, Mike. (I have just moved to Bucharest and it’s taken a little while to get set up on the net.) I’m not sure that I’m the right guy to test your ideas on – my maths is nowhere near up to it. If you want some solid feedback and criticism, I would suggest you start by floating your idea here:

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