Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

The dangers of Environmental Tobacco Smoke

are based on a big lie – by the US EPA in 1988. The EPA was already preparing public place smoking restrictions when it tried to build a scientific case to support the restrictions by conducting a ‘meta study.’ (taking the results of a number of earlier studies – where no such correlations had been found – and dredging the data to try to build a strong case from a number of weaker ones.)  No significant connection was found.  A major study which had produced a negative result was eliminated – still no significant result. Then they arbitrarily reduced the P factor, (probability that any result is the outcom of chance,) from 0.5 to 0.1.  The result still only produced a relative risk of 1.19.  (In epidemiology, a relative risk of less than 2 is regarded as statistically irrelevant.) The study was published anyway in 1992 and led to the whole farrago of nanny – state junk epidemiological nonsense and data distortion – cholesterol, salt irrelevant traces of poisons being hyped as killers – global warming and so on and so, drearily forth.

This blog was brought on by Bocho’s nanny state blog.  For clarity, I repeat.  I am a smoker.  I do not advocate smoking for anybody else.  I have no objection to non-smoking bars, restaurants etc – BY CHOICE, let the invisible hand of the market speak.

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