Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

What Enoch Powell did and didn’t say…

A view of Enoch Powell, what he did and didn’t say, and the results of the knee-jerk denunciation of ‘that’ speech and forty years of PC.  I don’t say I agree with everything written in the article, but it provides some nourishing food for thought, or food for nourishing thought.

After Sacrificing a Statesman Before the Altar of Multiculturalism, a Nation Faces Cultural Suicide
Chris Brand
The gifted and esteemed, if unsmiling and much abused British politician, Enoch Powell,* fell from grace in 1968. Powell’s mistake was to have alluded to the possible perils of the mass coloured immigration into Britain which was by then well under way. Powell was instantly sacked from the Conservative Shadow Cabinet (where he had been Defence spokesman) and then left to languish on the Westminster backbenches finally becoming an Ulster Unionist MP. With this put-down by the Heath government vanished for a generation any serious possibility of public realism in Britain about race or nationhood. Even the quite successful Scottish National Party currently professes multiculturalism and in 1999 reproved its leader when he queried Nato’s bombing of Serbia (which had tried to control the Albanians within its borders). Today, it is not just academics and journalists but drinking men and grandmothers in Britain who know that “you mustn’t mention the darkies.” By intimidation, Britain’s political class has preserved the fiction that race is not a problem.

Such enforced piety is sometimes claimed to have been a success. Britain’s roughly 93% white population has certainly tolerated rather well the 7% of British citizens who now hail from the New Commonwealth. Yet, this year, Britain experienced its worst race riots since the 1950s with over 200 police injured by young Pakistanis in nights of street battles in Oldham, Leeds, Burnley, Bradford and Stoke-on-Trent. Globalized capitalism and its convenient religion of Political Correctness are likely to be answered by ever-rising levels of white racial consciousness and the rejection of multicultural illusions. In the past two years, scores of violent incidents between Glaswegians and London’s 4,000 Muslim “asylum seekers” have provided a test of how keen the Scots are on multiculturalism.

Was Enoch Powell correct in his forebodings that multiculturalism would not succeed? Contrary to the wishful thinking of Britain’s chattering classes (themselves largely unaffected by coloured immigrants competing for their own jobs or nearby living space) the jury is still out. The murderous ethnic polarization which erupted in multicultural Sarajevo could also happen in Macedonia and even the UK’s south Pennines. Fortunately, dangerous multiculturalism may prove corrigible if it meets a monoculturalism that is at once nationalist and classically liberal the kind of dynamic compromise that Enoch Powell would have wished

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