Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

In Praise of the Pig

I was going to blog on the EU, but that seems to have been pretty well done to death this week.   I was pondering this while enjoying a bacon buttie – crusty new bread, Irish butter, crisply fried streaky bacon and HP sauce – and, in some Joycean stream of consciousness was led through the blogs on religion here, (and your extraordinary attack on Maggie Millington, Brendano*,)  to the thought of the central role of the Pig in the lives of most Europeans, (and Asians,) for much of our history.  The family pig was the peasant’s provider of food, salves for what ailed them, recycling centre, wealth store and general life assurance device.  Today we enjoy chops, roast joints, sausages, racks of ribs, (A la US,) spare ribs, (A la Chinese,) Eisbein and sauerkraut, pork dripping – if you can find it, (try your local Polish Shop, ask for smallets**) you name it, we get it from the Pig.

This led me on to the consideration that two of the World’s major religions ban consumption or use of pork or pig derivatives – probably for valid reasons if you consider conditions in the middle East 1500 years ago, and this prompted me to re-state how ridiculous religions are.  You can’t eat pork because a millenium ago your ancestors couldn’t stop it going off – ridiculous.

Let’s face it, revealed religion is a made thing – man makes gods.  Consider simple efficiency.  There’s this supreme being and it wants people to recognise it, so what does it do?  It picks some whacko suffering from heat-exhaustion and dehydration, or oxygen deprivation at the top of some mountain and speaks to him, personally, and alone, and says this is my law!  If this imaginary being is so all-powerful, why not speak to a hundred people at the same time?  A thousand?  Millions?  Why not write what it wants to say in letters of fire in the night sky?  It’s ridiculous nonsense and, as far as I can see, Islam and Judaism are the most ridiculous because they both insist that ‘The Word’ was revealed once and that’s it, so what was right for the first couple of hundred years of the first millenium is right for the beginnings of the second.

I would also really like to know why non-muslims seem to have this need to apologise for the ridiculous posturings of the muslims in our midst – I don’t see any similar apologies for the ridiculous posturings of the jews, or catholics*** amongst us?   This is even more baffling because islam, as preached and practised by the majority of muslims in this country is exclusive, divisive, repressive, sexually-discriminative, homo-phobic and in opposition to most what the majority perceive as cultural or social norms.  Why defend this nonsense?

*You do have these occasional aberrations from your normal, reasonable blogs and comments.


*** Church of England, what is that?

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