Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

The EEC is a good thing.

But the EU is not. There are things that are worth preserving, mainly freedom of movement within Europe and no internal tarriffs to limit trade amongst members. I have lived in Germany and worked in Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece. i would not like to see those advantages disappear, nor the chances for young people to live and study in other countries as is possible under the excellent Erasmus scheme. You can feel the ‘but’ coming though, can’t you?

What is not worth preserving is all the rest of it. The ‘one size fits all,’ directives. The replacement of democratic institutions with bureacracy and the replacement of elected representatives with unelected, privileged, (over-paid, over-generous benefits, unaccountable, self-replicating through special schools, job allocation by old boy to old boy……..Louis XVI’s court had nothing on this!) bureacrats.

Note that we are now governed not by law, but by ‘directives.’ We have no control or say over the content of these directives, they are dreamed up by backroom cliques of like-minded individuals then rubber-stamped by national parliaments – or, in our case, gold-plated by national legislation so that more inspectors, bureacrats and officials are needed to administer them.

We are taxed, but not represented in the halls of power where the taxes are spent. Nor are those who spend our taxes accountable fo their disbursement of our money – the public accounts of the EU fail to be signed off by independant audit year after year after year. What do you think would happen to a commercial organisation is a like case?

And now more of our freedoms are to be signed away to these unelected, unrepresentative bureacrats* unless we are given the chance to express our views. Write to your MP. Demand that this government honour its manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the new arrangements for an enlarged ‘Europe.’ Harry the politicians until they listen…..oops, politicians, that’s another blog.

Stop the treaty!

*Oops. I forgot we have a prime-minister who is also unelected and unrepresentative – of England, that is. He sits for a Socttish constituency and has no powers to legislate on things that affect the daily lives of those who elected him to Westminster – except their ‘Burnett’ cash, of course.

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