Posted by: bravo22c | 13/02/2010

‘They’ are stealing your money

Acouple of apparently unrelated items from today’s Telegraph:

First: ‘A government inquiry has considered targeting 20bn of surplus cash from the nation’s life assurance policies for public use. Mike O’Brien, the new minister for pensions reform. The unprecedented raid on private sector companies would plug gaps in a scheme to compensate those who lost their pensions when their companies went bust.

Next: The Taxpayers’ Alliance, a pressure group, calculated that councils on average now employ eight people to work on green issues. If that figure were repeated across all 442 councils in the UK, the total number of council staff employed to deal with the environmental agenda would be 3,494. The average salary paid to such staff was 29,283, suggesting a total expenditure by councils across the UK of 102 million.’

Meanwhile, we know that’; ‘many local authorities face criticism for axing weekly rubbish collections and reducing long-term care for the elderly.’ And that since 1997/98, the average council tax bill has almost doubled from 564 to 1,078.’

And this….. ‘in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, the capital’s poorest local authority and among the nation’s worst for recycling, 58 employees have job titles or job descriptions that contain “climate change” or “global warming”.’

One other item: the magazine ‘Communications Engineer’ for June/July carries an article which n otes that the European Commission is caling on Governments to take on the building of the European Sat Nav system, Galileo, themselves. Am I alone in remembering the Millenium Dome, the failed NHS computer system, the disastrous IT system for recruiting young doctors into the NHS, the mess that the NHS is in because of bureacratic interference, etc, etc. And we will be expected to climb into an aeroplane and put our trust in systems constructed by these people?

Back to the title theme. Having already wrecked the pension system in this country by expropriating billions and billions of pounds of our savings, the government now proposes to steal more of our carefully managed money, from the insurance companies with home many of us place our money in the hopes of a modicum of prosperity in the future, to pay compensation to those other taxpayers whose distress was caused by the governments theft and profligacy in the first place. Robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn’t begin to cover it.

Meanwhile, here in UK and other EU countries, we pay thousands of civil servantst in both local and EU organisations to do nothing productive. In Europe, the civil servants already have special schools for their children, clubs and other recreation facilities that are not available to the rest of us. In this country, the pensions available to civil servants are given favoured status, unlike those of us who are taxed to pay them.

Something is wrong here. Elected officials are supposed to express the will of electors. Civil servants are supposed to implement the policies proposed by elected officials in carrying out the expressed wish of the electorate. I don’t recal voting for any of this, do you?

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