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Denationalising England.

I read an interesting Stratfor piece the other day about Moldova.  Some of you may have difficulty in locating Moldova on a globe, but what is happening there is of interest to me because a large percentage of the counterfeit cigarettes that are sold in Romania – and shipped to the rest of the EU – are made there.  A link to the article, – a general piece, not about cigarette smuggling –  is below, if you might be interested.)
One sentence from the article stuck in my mind:

“There are nations that lack a state, like the Kurds. Moldova is a state that lacks a nation.”  

The author explains why he thinks this is so for Moldova and it seems to me that one could almost say the same about England at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century.  I say almost, because it seems to me that public policy over the last decade and a bit has been aimed at producing such a result.

Consider.  A large, disaffected, minority group, different to the majority in ethnicity, culture, language, religion and social and cultural values has been artificially created in the national territory by mass immigration.  (About which, btw, the majority were not consulted.)

The majority culture and social value system has been systematically denigrated and suppressed by statutory laws imposed on the majority population and discriminatory in favour of the imported minority.

The history of the majority, as taught in our schools and presented in the programmes of our national state broadcaster has been revised, de-constructed and dumbed-down to the extent that the majority of the population seem to think that, for example, Magna Carta is an Italian alcopop, the Spanish Armada are travelling football fans and Winston Churchill is a dog that advertises insurance on the idiot box.

The purpose of our schools has been altered from the education of our children to the social engineering of the ‘correct’ attitudes of the time while the principal of equality of opportunity has been abandoned in the vain pursuit of equality of outcome.

The enlightened parsimony of the Parliament has been abandoned in favour of the idea of a limitless supply of (non-existant, of course,) ‘government money.’

The Civil Service has been transformed into a vast bureaucracy, the aim of which is to extend its reach ever further into the lives of the people who, in theory, it is supposed to serve.  (Read Richard Booker’s piece on forced adoption.)  The national bureaucracy is, to an extent, accountable to elected representatives, but the powers of the national bureaucracy extend to a supra-national body which is, at bottom, accountable to nobody.   (Spare me from learned discourse on the European parliament.  Look, carefully, at the documented extent of its powers.)  To paraphrase that French general with the big nose, (Quelle conque 🙂 )  “L’etat c’est eux”

Add all of this up and what is the result?  I suggest that it is the England of today where the state has replaced the nation, where subjugation to official diktat has replaced the protection of the law, where the notion that, if not expressly forbidden it is clearly allowed has been replaced by the notion that if permission is not first obtained, then it is forbidden.

 The England where taxes are extorted and then wasted on currently fashionable political chimerae and where public services are managed for the convenience of the organisation, rather than for the efficient provision of service.

 The England where subjects of Her Majesty are turned into criminals by proliferating statute laws, (which are not, btw, compulsory – they are contracts and can be refused,) and harried by an army of inspectors, co-ordinators and other officials armed with powers that exceed those of the Police.

In this England, the populace is socially disarmed, deliberately confused and reduced to the status of subjection to the whims of the state and its officials.  The idea of the Nation and its culture is repressed in favour of the idea of the state and its many cultures, or none. The result is what you see around you:  a mostly unaccountable elite, (including those private citizens who garner advantage to themselves from the system,) an oppressed middle class who provide the funding that keeps the system going – and who could, if only they had the leadership, do something about the mess they find themselves in, (a TEA Party UK?) – and a lumpen underclass kept in their place by the 21st Century equivalent of panem et circences.

Where do you go when you give up?

Geopolitical Journey, Part 4: Moldova is republished with permission of STRATFOR.

PS. I write here of ‘England.’ No disrespect is meant to my compatriots in the other parts of this, (still, just,) United Kingdom. I have never lived in either Scotland or Wales, so am not qualified to comment on what the effects of what I have written might be in those parts of the kingdom. I have lived in Northern Ireland but conditions there are, (duh,) somewhat different.


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